Community Services

Community Services

Each year Coastline funds numerous programs that meet the needs of older adults living throughout New Bedford, Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Gosnold, Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester. These organizations are funded to provide older adults and their caregivers with supplemental programs that address their mental and physical well being and socialization and transportation needs. Most programs are open to individuals age 60 or older; some programs are open to individuals age 55 and older.

Wellness Programs

Acushnet COA Chair Yoga

This program is designed to help older adults gain agility, increase flexibility, and ease blood flow.
Contact 508-998-0280

Acushnet COA Strong Women, Strong Bones

Improve participant’s strength, flexibility, and posture which helps with balance and coordination reducing risk of falls.
Contact 508-998-0280

Community Nurse & Hospice Care

The Hope to Cope for Alzheimer’s Caregivers utilizes a certified Alzheimer’s nurse to visit the homes of caregivers and provide information about the stages, treatment options, and home care services available for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s.
Contact 508-992-6278

Community Nurse & Hospice Care, Memory Impairment Program & Support Group

Enhance caregiver strategies to manage dementia-related symptoms through social support to provide relief from daily care demands.
Contact 508-992-6278

Gosnold COA/Health Services for our Community

This program is a walk-in clinic where a doctor can provide informational pamphlets, support, and home visits.
Contact 508-990-7408

MAOA Mental Health Promotion Project

Partnering with health organizations to train health professionals at an annual mental health conference.
Contact 617-426-0804

Rochester COA/Stepping and Stretching Exercise

This exercise program addresses the physical and emotional needs of older adults recovering from medical issues.
Contact 508-763-8723

St. Anne’s Hospital Center for Behavioral Medicine

The center provides in-home, mental health evaluations to screen and treat older adults for depression, anxiety, and memory impairment.
Contact 508-674-5600

Visiting Dental Hygienist

Public Health Dental Hygienist providing dental cleanings, screenings, oral health, information, and education.
Contact 774-766-7238

YWCA of Southeastern Mass

ENCORE Plus works to reduce the number of women who die from breast and cervical cancer by providing referral services to clinical breast exams, pap tests, pelvic exams, and mammograms.
Contact 508-999-3255

Outreach and Socialization

Art Therapy

This program provides therapeutic art classes for older adults with physical and mental disabilities.
Contact 508-991-6168

Dartmouth Council on Aging/Activities Coordinator & Social Day

The Activities Coordinator organizes clubs, special trips, and other activities to provide older adults with opportunities to socialize. A bilingual coordinator ensures peer interaction through pet therapy, education programs, and health and wellness activities.

Mattapoisett Council on Aging/Outreach Program

This program reaches out to socially isolated older adults to connect them with community services and health and wellness programs.
Contact 508-758-4110

YWCA of Southeastern Mass

The Widowed Persons Program holds support groups and one-on-one emotional support for newly widowed elders going through the grieving process.
Contact 508-999-3255

Respite & Transportation

Community Connections/Medical, Social & Recreational Transportation and Escort Services

Provides older adults with transportation to and from medical appointments and social trips, and provides escort services.
Contact 508-990-8194

Fairhaven Council on Aging/Supportive Social Day

This program provides caregivers with respite services in a social day settings. Takes participants on community outings and provides nutritional meals and activities.
Contact 508-993-9455

MO LIFE/Family Caregiver Transportation

This program provides medical transportation specifically for older adults and their caregivers.
Contact 508-992-5978

New Bedford COA Transportation

The Council provides transportation to local and long distance medical appointments and shopping excursions.
Contact 508-991-6253

Project Independence/Adult Day Health

This program provides caregivers with respite services in an adult day facility, with a nurse on staff, for up to 6 hours a day.
Contact 508-997-1441

Other Programs

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

This program provides grandparents with health insurance, social services, and other parental rights. The program also provides biological parents with education, employment training, and parenting classes.
Contact 508-996-0168

Immigrant’s Assistance Center

Provides non-English speaking older adults with case management and outreach to link them to community programs for assistance; they also provide services to caregivers of older adults who need translation assistance and transportation to medical appointments.
Contact 508-996-8113

PACE/Fuel Assistance

PACE gives fuel to older adults in emergency situations either because they have no fuel or they are facing utility termination.
Contact 508-999-9920

Senior Scope

This publication covers topics concerning the interests of older adults to enhance public awareness and advocate for older adults and their caregivers.
Contact 508-979-1544Senior Scope December 2017

South Coastal Counties Legal Services/Senior Law Project

This organization provides older adults with legal representation in the courts, and before administrative bodies including the Social Security Administration. This organization also provides older adults with counsel and advice on a variety of legal issues.
Contact 508-979-7150


Coastline and many of its programs are funded through contracts from the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Elder Affairs. Program attendees are able to make voluntary and confidential donations to any program; however, no one will be denied a service if he/she chooses not to donate.

Coastline does not deny delivery of service to any person on the basis of age, color, religion, gender , national origin, ancestry, physical/mental handicaps and sexual orientation, who otherwise meets the eligibility criteria for the respective programs.

Individuals who are dissatisfied with, or who have been denied a Title III services, may file a written complaint with the Area Agency on Aging within 21 business days of the adverse action. Please notify Coastline at 508-999-6400 to obtain a copy of the Grievance Procedure Application.