Foster Grandparent Program

Foster Grandparent Program

The Foster Grandparent Program is a sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Services, and has been hosted at Coastline for the past 32 years. The program places seniors in elementary classrooms and child care centers, and other youth-based organizations to mentor and assist children throughout the community. Foster Grandparents receive a stipend for their time and commitment, while benefiting from the impact they make in each child’s life on a daily basis.

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2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Foster Grandparent Program. The belief that inspired its founding in 1965 could not be truer today.  Namely, that low income elders have extraordinary gifts to share with vulnerable children in a wide variety of settings across the community.

The Foster Grandparent Program offers older adults ages 55 and up who meet income eligibility requirements the opportunity to assist in a classroom with children enrolled in educational programs at  22 area schools and childcare centers. Students and teachers both benefit from the wisdom and experience of Foster Grandparents as they work one-on-one and in small groups with children providing academic, as well as social and emotional support, helping children to succeed.

The Foster Grandparents volunteer 15-20 hours each week. Grandparent volunteers receive a small tax-free pay* and a meal each volunteer day. Assistance with transportation is provided if needed. Support services are provided to the Foster Grandparents to assure their personal wellness is maintained. Additionally, on-going in-services are required to provide up-to-date training in working with children.

Please note: *The tax-free pay is a stipend and as such cannot be counted as income. The stipend will not affect any benefits the volunteer may receive.

So what are you waiting for?  Call 508-742-9198 to join the group of 50 senior volunteers and make a difference in the life of a child today.

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