Volunteer Appreciation

     In the midst of the state and federal budget cuts, high unemployment, and generally sagging economy, Coastline would be lost without its strong group of dedicated and committed volunteers. Coastline volunteers are absolutely vital to the success… Read More

April Is the Cruelest Month?

Dear Colleagues, T.S. Eliot began his 1922 poem The Waste Land with the phrase:  “April is the cruelest month” and said “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” This month’s issue of the AT HOME… Read More

Nutrition Newsletter

Nutrition Newsletter

Click the links below to read Coastline’s Elderly Nutrition Newsletters: ENP Newsletter April 2014 ENP Newsletter March 2014 ENP Newsletter February 2014 ENP Newsletter January 2014 ENP Newsletter December 2013 ENP Newsletter November 2013 ENP Newsletter October 2013… Read More

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what do i text my ex to win her back and text your ex gf back good texts or how to get your ex gal friend. how to help win your ex boyfriend back what are the best… Read More

Senior Scope


Click the links below to read Senior Scope: Senior Scope – December 2013 Senior Scope November 2013 Senior Scope October 2013 Senior Scope August 2013 Senior Scope July 2013 Senior Scope May 2013 Senior Scope April 2013 Senior… Read More

Project Access

Click the links below to read the Project Access newsletter: Project Access Quarterly Newsletter